• Campus Club is good for most Seattle Symphony performances, based on availability. (See below calendar for available concerts)
  • Orchestra level tickets can only be purchased on the day of the show. In-person purchases require current student ID.
  • Campus Club tickets can be purchased online, through the Listen Boldly app or in person at the Ticket Office.
  • Pay As You Go Campus Club members are limited to one ticket per member, per performance.*
  • Campus Club Premier Members are limited to one free ticket and one $12 companion ticket per Campus Club Premier member, per performance.*
  • Memberships are good from October to July. Campus Club Premier Membership cannot be prorated.

*Unless otherwise noted in a special offer.
**To retreive your tickets on the app be sure you are logged in to your account, once you are logged in your tickets can be accessed in the account tab
*** If you would like to attend a concert on the same day you apply, please be aware that your application must be submitted 3 hours prior to the performance.

Campus Club has been generously underwritten by Maggie Walker.

Campus Club Events

Campus Club Calendar

Shostakovich Symphony No. 15

Saturday, 23 March, 2019 8:00PM

Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 15 honors Bach through structural patterns and telltale themes, resulting in a stunningly clear and refined swan song. Organist Wayne Marshall brings John Harbison’s Bach-inspired symphony to the Benaroya Hall stage.

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In the Spotlight: Trimpin, Stiefel & More

Tuesday, 2 April, 2019 7:30PM

Seattle Symphony musicians and guests perform works by Trimpin, Andrew Stiefel and more.

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In the Spotlight: Schoenberg & Bach

Sunday, 14 April, 2019 5:00PM

Few works of art have cultivated beauty and rationality with such devotion and patience as the compositions on this program. Starting with Schoenberg’s Woodwind Quintet, the first great product of his revolutionary new method that allowed 45 minutes of pristine music to evolve organically out of a single series of 12 pitches in ways that continually inspires a keen listener’s sense of memory and expectation. Two centuries earlier, Bach produced a similar ode to reason in his “Goldberg Variations,” a composition that extracts from the humblest of songs an hour’s worth of kaleidoscopic possibilities, including every manner of canon and counterpoint.

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The Symphony: French Composers

Friday, 19 April, 2019 5:30PM

What makes French music French? Throughout Music Director Ludovic Morlot’s tenure, the orchestra has explored the rich colors of French music. This season the orchestra highlights the music of Debussy and Ravel, along with creations by contemporary composer Marc-André Dalbavie. The conversation with University of Washington Professor Emeritus Dr. Larry Starr explores the wide-ranging, even universal, values to be found in music frequently categorized along nationalistic lines.

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