Colleen Adent

Colleen Adent


Colleen Adent is a classically-trained, improvisationally-minded pianist.  As one of the Pacific Northwest’s accomplished pianists, the uniqueness of Colleen’s artistry lies in her ability to improvise as well as perform as a classical musician.  Although these two disciplines are often viewed as two separate worlds, Colleen lives comfortably in both places, embracing the strengths of each musical world to create a fresh, dynamic, engaging listening experience.  Whether playing solo or collaboratively, sacred or secular, from the concert hall to an intimate home setting, Colleen’s warm personality and skillful playing naturally invite the listener to join her in embracing the moment! 

Her performances as soloist and collaborative artist have taken her throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. She has published her arrangements of choral, vocal and piano works, many of which have been recorded.  Colleen lives with her husband in Vancouver, Washington, where she maintains a private studio and serves as Director of Music at Glenwood Community Church.  For more information, or to contact Colleen, visit

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